Mr. McGraw I would like to express my gratitude to you and your employees. I cannot believe how professional your employees are, they take so much pride in their work. They put neater hose lays in then my veteran firefighters do. I’m always pleased when First Due Services is done completing The Baldwinsville Fire Department hose testing because I know it was done right the hose that needs repairs is marked properly and set aside for us. I can honestly say that I have used First Due Services for the past 6 years and they always seem to amaze me with their high standards and work ethics.

Baldwinsville Fire Department
Chief K.C. Pickard

I wanted to get a note to you to tell you how pleased the membership and Officers of the Howlett Hill Fire Department have been with your hose testing services.

As you know, the HHFD has been having all of our fire hose tested with your Company for years.

It seems that there isn't a single person who passes thru the engine room with out both noticing and commenting on how nice our fire hose is loaded on the pumpers.  The hose is loaded very percisely which allows us to carry and deploy large amounts of hose in a rapid and safe manner.

I think we have been utilizing your service for something like ten years now.  The group of young men who come and perform the work have been great to work with.   The effort you make to communicate with us before the work is performed seems to work well.  We have a few special requirements that pertain to hose colors and storage locatons and your people take care of these needs with out any issues.

Your staff arrives at the appointed time, performs the task at hand and after they leave you wouldn't have known they had been at the station if it were not for the exceptional hose loads that are left behind on the pumpers.

Your knowledge of the NFPA requirements for hose testing and  the doucmentation that you provide us with when the job is completed is pricessless.  We have had both our ISO represenative and our insurance carrier comment on how complete our hose testing records are.  These records have helped us achieve our ISO 3 rating !

Thanks to you and your crews for a job very well done.

Howlett Hill Fire Department
Chief JH

Steve I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with your company we are. After your men leave here there is never anything that we need to do, they are pleasant and very respectfully of our facility which in turn saves me time and money. Thanks again for your prompt service!

Paul Hildreth
Chief of Fire - Village of Fayetteville

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  • We unload all hose from apparatus
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